Evaluation is an Adventure

Adventure is exciting. Adventure is life-giving.  Adventure stretches what you thought was possible. 
Adventure is a little bit scary. 

So is Evaluation.  Let us be your guide. 



All great adventures (and evaluation projects) begin with a sense of wonder. Being curious and asking questions leads us to places never  seen and discovered!



It's cliché, but adventures (and evaluations) are best done together. Collaboration throughout the evaluation process is essential to delivering a product that can aid your program in achieving its goals.



While it might make for a good story later, heading into the unknown without a plan and direction rarely ends well. Let us be your guide.

Our Mission


Adventuring Minds Evaluation and Consulting Services aims to provide timely, relevant, culturally sensitive, and utilization-focused evaluation services to a variety of community partners.


With a specialization in community-based organizations, Adventuring Minds strives to provide high quality, digestible data, empowering leaders to make informed decisions for their clients, organization, and community.



Our main focus is creating products that your organization can actually use to inform decision-making, showcase your work, and provide evidence of your impact.



With experience evaluating everything from large-scale federal grants to small volunteer-driven programs, we can build a plan to meet your needs.



You bring the expertise on your organization and community.  We bring the expertise on evaluation.  


Data is for everyone

Embracing  and respecting diversity in skills, abilities, race and ethnicity, sex, religion, organizational type, and funding source allows us to build an evaluation plan that works for YOU.  

“Jodi and Tom are absolutely amazing. They are very professional, thorough with their work, and go above and beyond expectations. They ensure they meet all deadlines on time with the highest quality of work and are very flexible. They are very responsive and always available to discuss anything related to our projects. I appreciate how they maintain great communication and keep me updated on progress.  I highly recommend Adventuring Minds for anyone needing evaluation services. ”

--Tribal community partner

A Full-Spectrum of Services

We can provide any level of service to meet your needs. From a few hours of  consulting to full-service evaluation products, we offer a complete menu of services to meet your orgnization's data and reporting needs.    


Needs Assessments

Answering the question "What do my clients or community need?" can be complex.  We are able to employ a variety of qualitative and quanitative methods to help you make data-driven decisions about your program.  

Measurement Tools

Measuing the impact of your program, or the satisfaction of your clients is vital to demonstrating the success of your program.  We can help you identify evidence-based measures, or create a tool customized to the needs of your program and clientele.  

Qualitative Measures

Often the data collected by surveys or standardized tools doesn't capture the impact of your program.  Collecting stories via Interviews, focus groups, listening sessions, or even participatory photography can help demonstrate the depth and complexity of your program or community.

Data Storytelling

Collecting data isn't enough.  We strive to communicate the results of data collection in an easy-to-understand package.  From tables and infographics to creative presentations, we will deliver a product that is relevant to you and your stakeholders.

Data Management Solutions

You've collected data.  Now what?  How can you access it to run reports and make informed decisions on an ongoing basis? Let us help you devise a data management solution for all of your organization's data needs.

Capacity Building

Evaluation can be tricky.  But it's also not rocket science.  We can help you with tools and training to build your organization's internal capacity to undertake evaluation activities on your own.

Logic Models

Funders want them.  Administrators can be perplexed by them.  Let us help you demystify Logic Models and create one you can actually use.

Program and Strategic Planning

"Begin with the end in mind."  That's what they say.  Let us help you plan evaluation into your program from day one.  Or bring us on board to collect data to inform your strategic plan and builld a culture of evaluation into your practice going forward. 

What's next?

Contact us to see what we can do for your organization.

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