About Us

I am a person who does stuff and this is a great text filler isn't it?

ad ven(t) SHer:
an unusual and exciting experience or activity, especially the exploration of new or unknown territory

Our Name

Adventuring minds grew out of a desire to provide community-based programs flexible, timely, affordable, and culturally relevant options for evaluating their own programs.  After years in large corporate and institutional environments, Jodi and Tom were frustrated by the red-tape and inflated cost often associated with providing evaluation and data management services.  These barriers also didn't allow solutions to be as innovative and culturally sensitive as they thought possible. So Adventuring Minds was born...


Our Story

It's no secret we're adventure lovers.  We love to explore new places, see new things, and experience an excitement that can only be found in these spaces. But what happens when you allow your mind to go on an adventure? To thoughtfully venture with purpose into unknown territory. This is the question we pose to ourselves and our partners as we engage in evaluation activities. We believe an adventuring mind maximizes creativity, fosters innovation, encourages curiosity, attunes to connections, and accelerates learning.  Adventure challenges the status quo, dares to ask hard questions, and in doing so, imagines a new trail forward. 


Jodi    holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW) and has been evaluating programs for  over 15 years, as well as teaching research and program evaluation at the graduate level.  Jodi’s passions reach far and wide, but particular areas of interest include Indigenous communities, environmental issues, equity and equality in education, family and sexual violence, and the intersection of spirituality and social work.

Jodi enjoys building community through activities such as gardening, athletics, and youth activities. Although she loves to travel and relishes the culture and amenities of the city, she cannot seem to shake her rural roots, living outside city limits with her growing family and flock of chickens.

Tom  has 25 years of experience as a software engineer, primarily in datamanagement and automation.  He enjoys helping organizations use and take control of their own data through the use of manageable systems and processes within their budget.  

In his free time, Tom enjoys playing and coaching baseball, working outdoors with his hands, and spending time with his family. 

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